Tuesday, February 14

NATO rape Libyan journalist and cut her breast

This is what is happening in Libya. Yes, it is still happening. Barbarians, monsters... I don't find adjectives that describe what is being done not only in Libya.
Is it what is called "evolution"?
Those who are responsible are having a great life in their penthouses feeling no remorse.
What about those who receive these orders and... OBEY?
Criminals... this is the word for both but it seems that being called a criminal nowadays has a certain charm for some.
These crimes must be punished!

Picture: the millionaire French philosopher and Israeli lobbyist Bernard Henri Levy and French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
I'm sure that they are both happy with the humanitarian aid they are promoting in Libya, and we also have to thank US and the other allies.
Good job! This is democracy being implanted in Libya and all the other countries invaded, oops, that received NATO's humanitarian aid.

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