Monday, February 6

The Umbrellas by Renoir

A moment in a day captured by Auguste Renoir.
It is interesting that the title of the painting is "The Umbrellas" and they are the elements that holds the structure of the composition.
The rain is absent wither in the "environment" or in the attitudes of the crowd.
The children and the lady at the right side are painted in the way Renoir used do while all the others received a different treatment. Renoir spent some years doing this work ant it might explain these difference.

But the unity is not affected. It is also remarkable that the women at the front seems to be posing to a painter or a photographer while those who are in the back are portrayed more spontaneously.
Umbrellas have been fascinating some painters as we can see in Raoul DufyCarl Spitzweg, Oswald Goeldi, just as some examples.