Wednesday, April 15

Carl Spitzweg - The Poor Poet

Carl Spizweg was a wealthy man whose paintings are realistic and depicted ordinary scenes of everyday life. The Poor Poet - it seems that he has been burning some of his writings if you pay attention at the stove that has no coals - became an emblematic painting of the Biedermeier period (1815-1848) an era market by the fear of revolutions at the re-established monarchies of Europe. As always, in times of troubles governments dictate the paradigms of art. The Biedermeier period has made it clear that arts should focus on everyday life, not on politics. This painting is very known and is a satire of artist's idealistic and romantic way of leaving in poor conditions in devotion to their arts and nothing left to do but writing and examining a flea that he has just found in his cloths. The umbrella? I have no idea. Perhaps any voodoo to ask for inspiration.


Just Be Real said...

Yeah, not only the umbrella caught my eye, but it is up there in suspension. Interesting though. Artist can do whatever they please with their art. That is what makes them so fascinating. Thank you Ana for sharing this and for your kind words to me on my blog. Blessings dear one!

Sandee said...

I remember this painting. Very odd I always thought. The umbrella for sure and the top hat stuck on the stovepipe. Very well done though.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

james oh said...

You got my smile, Ana.

Some artists like us to think of their painting. The umbrella may provoke to think the rationale and the expression he has in mind. It way suggest that this old man is using it to keep him wet from the leaking roof. That lead me to conclude how bad is the condition of the man living in. Alternatively you may say how simple the man living in.

Ana said...

He is looking at a flea that is on his hands.
Perhaps there is a leaking roof. That's a good idea.
Thank you for visiting my blog.