Tuesday, April 7

Stained-glass - biblical and political media to illiterate people

Left: Canterbury Cathedral. Each scene illustrates an episode in the life of Christ.
Right: Strasbourg Cathedral. Four of the nineteen emperors depicted in the cathedral. Most of the images of stained glasses of the middle age intended to help the illiterate public to learn about their faith. (remember there was no Gutenberg!) The Strasbourg Cathedral shows it's political propaganda function and reveals the close connection of church and state. The irony is that now those of us who are not aware of biblical facts have difficulty in understanding the biblical meaning of some stained-glasses or paintings. But we can enjoy their beauty.


Just Be Real said...

Ana, those are magnificant stained glass window pictures. I remember, growing up in an Episcopal church we had a great big glass stained window and I would constantly look at it as a child. Naturally, why would a child pay attention to a sermon that was way over their head.
Thanks for sharing this Ana!

Ana said...

Stained-glass windows are really amazing.
Fortunately it's still done.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I love the places art can take us. I could look at those images for hours and know peace.XXXX

Just Be Real said...

Yeah, glad it is not a loss art!

Ana said...

Yes. They are a little hypnotic.

Just be real,