Wednesday, April 8

Renaissance has led Art to talk about itself

David Teniers, 1651, depicts the private collection of the archduke Leopold Wilhelm.
This is a great difference from the few functions of art in middle age of the post below. Art has started to talk about itself.


Anonymous said...

So very interesting and true! What a fasinating collection. I would never see these types of things or really take the time to reflect if it wasn't for this blog. For that I thank you.XXXXX

Just Be Real said...

That is a lot of art to walk into a room for! I love the dogs in front too. Thanks for sharing Ana! Blessings.

Ana said...

Thank you.
You made my day!

Just Be Real,
I don't know why but dogs are often show in pictures like this.

Just Be Real said...

Interesting that dogs are in pictuers. Maybe because they are known to be "mans best friend?"

Ana said...

Yes. I guess so.
Or because these gentlemen were going to haunt... lol