Friday, April 3

Cartoonists paradise - Joe Netnaplója and Marcelo Rampazzo

I've just found this site that have great cartoonists from all over the world. I've first got in touch with the Hungarian cartoonist Joe Netnaplója. His blog is amazing and I left many comments. He was kind enough to make a post about two of my comments and did a cartoon. You can find it here. I remember when I was a teenager reading "The Paul Street Boys" by Ferenc Molnár in a great Portuguese translation made by the Hungarian Paulo Rónai that came to Brazil during the WWII. Meeting the cartoonist Joe not only made me admire his work but I started to think how good it's to be able to get in touch with so many brilliant people around the world. When I was a teenager - again(?) - I used to have pen-friends. We exchanged letters and the whole process of sending and receiving the letter took ten days. I don't dare to copy any of of Joe's cartoons before he gives me permission. But I've found the Brazilian Marcelo Rampazzo. I've copied this amazing cartoon and left him a comment at his blog saying I already have copied this. This is a great cartoon. As we have the same maternal language he can either say he "appreciated" or "how dare you?" the Brazilian way. I've really loved this cartoon because of it's dialog with arts. Can you see the left Mondrian's picture that is like a counterpoint to Munch? The idea of "The Thinker" shushing "The Scream" is great.


Anonymous said...

This is great! LOVE it!!!

Ana said...

Me too!