Thursday, April 2

Richard Box

After seeing Walter de Maria I reminded of this project of Richard Box: "Field" The Guardian G2 26.02.04 "How does this field of lights work? Ian Sample The 1301 fluorescent tubes are powered only by the electric fields generated by overhead powerlines. Richard Box, artist-in-residence at Bristol University’s physics department, got the idea for the installation after a chance conversation with a friend. ‘He was telling me he used to play with a fluorescent tube under the pylons by his house,’ says Box. ‘He said it lit up like a light sabre.’ Box decided to see if he could fill a field with tubes lit by powerlines. After a few weeks hunting for a site, he found a field, slipped the local farmer £200 and planted 3,600 square metres with tubes collected from hospitals." (continue reading of just look)


Just Be Real said...

Now, Ana, that is really cool. Awesome photo!

Ana said...

I've really like this work.
There are other awesome pictures of this work.