Monday, April 13

Van Gogh - Paris roofs and photography

(....................contemporary photo.....) Van Gogh "Paris roofs"


Sandee said...

Love it. Monet is my favorite, but Van Gogh is right up there.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

Ana said...

It's amazing, isn't it?
Have a great day!

Stephany said...

I would like to visit Paris one day :)

Ana said...

You would love it.

Just Be Real said...

Came for my daily art lesson and showing! Thanks so much for sharing Ana! Love it!

Ana said...

Thank you.
It is quite a compliment! You made my day.

J. W. said...

love the Van Gogh images, recently fell back in love with his work since going to the art gallery dedicated to his work in Amsterdam, nice post.

Ana said...

Thank you!
You mean the museum Van Gogh?
I have visited and loved it.
Have a nice weekend.