Saturday, April 4

Camouflage - Aya Tsukioka

It's sad that all this money was lost! I hope the police can find the vehicle. Do you want a soda to calm down? Don't search at the vending machine. It's a work by Aya Tsukioka of the serie "Urban Camouflage". It's a cloth one wears to disappear in the environment. According to Aya Tsukioka words:
"You know in stalker crimes or such, anyone could be victims, and not I myself but some of my friends had some stalker problems at that time too. And I was like “Hmm, if you could just blend in with the scenery and hide from criminals like kakuremi no jutsu of Ninja, that would be cool.” I walked around in the city, looking and looking." "I know! It’s crazy. Anyway, so that’s how the vending machine skirt was started. But at that time, it wasn’t perfect. After we did this group project, I continued working on it myself, developing it to be more light, to look more real, and to be able to transform faster."
Not crazy. Can you imagine people using it to spy others? There are many uses for it.


Mike Golch said...

good posting the soda skirt looks great except the dead give away.(the shoes)

Ana said...

I believe the person showed the shoes for this picture.
I've seen other photos that the shoes don't appear.

Just Be Real said...

Oh how weird is that! That skirt fooled me at first.

Ana said...

Me too. Specially in a photography.