Tuesday, April 21

Las Meninas parody

I believe most people know Velázquez most famous painting "Las Meninas". Click here to enjoy the original. I came across with this two photoshops interventions and felt like sharing with you. The left is the one I like the most because it created a new meaning in the whole environment just with the insinuation of the "Happy Birthday" ribon at the top. For those who hate photoshoping their masterpiece I would like to remember that many artists have done works inspired in "Las Meninas" including Picasso who did forty versions. Of course it's a total different thing but let's have a little sense of humor and think that it's a great way to make people get in touch with art.


Sandee said...

I have a sense of humor and I see your point.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ana said...


james oh said...

Your conclusion is not only well said and done. But, it is a really a great real to enrich the people life. Big thanks to you.

Just Be Real said...

Ahhhh, yes. And there are those dogs again, except this time one.

Ana said...

Thank you!

Just be real,
Yes! The dogs again!
The other painting was done in 1651 and Las Meninas in 1656.
It most be part of the century iconography.
But dogs and cats are usual.