Saturday, April 18

Patience - Stained-glass

This is a 1996 stain-glass at Strasbourg Cathedral the same one that is at this post. I just need a little patience. Below is what is written at the site:

"Patience is represented by a female figure accompanied by a lamb.

The window was a gift from the Prison Officers' Benevolent Fund. It was installed and dedicated 1996.

The many stars symbolise the patience of Abraham and God's promise to him: "I will bless you abundantly and greatly multiply your descendants until they are as numerous as the stars in the sky." (Genesis 22:17) Patience holds a medallion in which Job's wife urges him to curse God, while his three friends look on. Satan is seen on the far left blowing an ill wind and creating all Job's suffering. The dove at the top symbolises the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Design by Ann McDuff and made by CWS Design, Lisburn. Installed and dedicated 1996."


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful piece of art! I love the story behind it, makes it all the more beautiful. I don't think I'll ever look at stars the same way!

Ana said...

Thank you Cheryl.
It's good that stained-glass can still touch us this way.

Just Be Real said...

Ahhh patience, I love it! Thank you for sharing this beauty Ana. Blessings.

Ana said...

Be at peace.