Wednesday, April 29

Street Art

Right: el Bocho in Hamburg
Left:  amdoom Alice2 in Holland
Graffiti and other forms of expression at the streets have always been a polemic issue. Things have changed and even Tate Gallery has dedicated this site to street art and some of it's artists.
Here at "Unurth - Street Art" there are many photographs and a list of street artists and their blogs. I've seen many amazing works.
I'll be publishing them.


Sandee said...

Street art is way cool. Gang graffiti isn't. We have gang graffiti.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

Ana said...

Yes, I understand.

Bara said...

great link and great street your blog..

Ana said...

Thank you!

I'm visiting your blogs.

James Oh said...

Anna, big thanks and street art is terrific.

Ana said...

Yes, there are amazing pieces I want to share with you.

svasti said...

Hey Ana, I didn't know you had another blog!! I love street art too, in fact one of my posts was inpsired partly by the street art I took pictures of. Its called: Signs of love

Ana said...

I'll take a look at this.