Saturday, April 4

Manet - Soup Bubbles - The Suicide

The most known of Manet's paintings is Olympia. It was a scandal when first exhibited in 1863 although the public and critics had already seen many naked women in art history. However, they could not stand watching this contemporary woman, a courtesan, looking at them right in the eyes. Through the times Olympia has been the inspiration for many artists that have done their version of this painting and perhaps Olympia is still shocking. Few people got inspiration from this boy who is just playing with soup bubbles. I believe it is quite beautiful and makes us see that simple things of quotidian life can also inspire artists. Of course tragedy is also part of artists concerns and life: "The Suicide", 1877, is one subject that is hard to believe that Manet would paint.


Anonymous said...

Soup bubbles are such a joy and trigger so many happy feelings. I have never seen (or heard of Manet) but I am now intriqued. The Suicide one is disturbing, for so many reasons. I just hope it is not the sweet, innocent boy enjoying the bubbles, who grew up and fell into the depths of depression.. Thanks for sharing this, very interesting.

Ana said...

No. It's not the boy.
It's said he saw something at the newspaper.
I'm not sure.
I have to search for it in French.
The bubble soap is amazing!
Thank you fro visiting.

Just Be Real said...

Ana, yes, very interesting. Thank you for sharing this post. Blessings.

Ana said...