Saturday, February 11

Puzzuka the largest puzzle ever build online

I did this puzzle at the Puzzuka site because it helps "Enfants du Monde" (Children of the World). I'm a little bit puzzled about the whole concept of the largest puzzle online.

There are these little puzzles we do but they are part of the big project that contains over 260 million mini-puzzles, over 40 billion pieces. How can we see this image?
I'm still trying to understand so I'm reading this post at Puzzuka's blog.
This is the important aspect for me:

"Our aim is to generate funds that will help drive education initiatives. Currently, we have teamed up with Enfants du Monde (Children of the World) to help us launch the project. We have agreed to give 20% of the funds generated to Enfants du Monde to help them with their important work in developing countries. The remaining funds will be allocated to other similar initiatives. In fact, I am working on an idea to have Puzzuka players determine how the funds raised are spent. This will allow people to get more involved in the project."

I hope the project that is still being done keeps helping good initiatives and doesn't lose it on the way.

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