Tuesday, March 24

Bees - It's all about honey

I remember doing a research on bee's community in High school. There was no Internet and strangely enough some illustrations of mags suddenly disappeared leaving an empty whole at some pages. I'll try to do the same research in www. I remember: they have a female oriented social life: there are the workers, one queen and the drones. The workers have a dance to show others where to find the pollen and I got amazed by that. Most amazed was knowing that the drover has no sting, it's life is a reproductive circle and he is killed by the queen after the nuptial flight. Production of honey is vital for the community and regulates most of their interactions and life. Now I will do the search and see if I remembered correctly and what are the news. I'll start here beauty of earth. Image: Female worker honey bee drives drone bee (male) away from hive.