Tuesday, March 31

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

"Dirty White Trash", 1998
This is one of he most famous piece of this period of Tim Noble and Sue Webster works. You can find some more of this amazing shadow silhouettes of the two artists here. One never knows what can imagination do with piles of junk and a light.


Sandee said...

That's pretty clever in a creepy sort of way.

Have a terrific day. :)

Just Be Real said...

Awesome! What imagination!

Ana said...

Just focus on the silhouettes and you will have another idea.

Just Be Real,
I ask myself how have them come up with this idea.

Just Be Real said...

Yeah, how do they come up with this idea? Only certainly people can appreciate this! I think it is really neat!

Ana said...

There is a big discussion on the arts function lately.
Some people don't see the beauty. They only look at the garbage.

crazy thingz said...

cool shadow silhouettes :D

Ana said...

I also like it.