Sunday, March 15

The poet, the thinker and the craftsman

The first line of a poem of a eighteen century poet, let's call him John, is "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". One of his contemporaries was a thinker, let's call him Arthur, who claimed that life is tedious and a great way to escape this boredom is by arts. I like them both and in my life arts is one of my passion. But I also believe we can see beauty in many places like the craftsmanship of crystal blowing that transforms glowing balls of molten crystal into a shape.


Anonymous Drifter said...

Blown crystal or glass is beautiful. Love the picture.

Ana said...

I also found it beautiful.
Thanks for coming.
Hope it helps you find some peace.

susan said...

hi Ana! Hi Ana! hi Ana!

Will Nell be appearing on the blog?

Ana said...

Bark bark bark...
I'm glad you came.