Friday, March 20


Dan Torop. I Wish I was there. I love the sea.


Stephany said...

me too. I grew up 5 miles from the pacific ocean in california. i love the smell of sea air.

Ana said...

I always lived next the beach. No I don't.
I miss it a lot.
The smell, water, swimming, plunging...
It's amazing how it affects all our senses.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I love the sea too. Okay, I just love water anywhere as long as there is a boat and I'm on the boat. That's where I'm heading shortly.

Have a terrific weekend. :)

Ana said...

Not a surfing board?
Have a nice weekend!

Mark Krusen said...

That is a great picture. I love the power of the ocean too. It amazes me how big it is. I love the smells also it's just so liberating.

I'm glad you started this blog. It's nice to see another side of you.

Ana said...

Than you Mark.

Jena said...


Ana said...

I also loved it!