Sunday, March 22

Nasa help surfers find the best waves

Since 2002 "Surf forecasters are now using near real-time meteorological data from satellites to find big waves. With a click of a mouse, they can use the Internet to link to satellite sources like NASA's QuikScat satellite." "We are using satellite data to study the global and coastal oceans in many different ways. Surfers are now using it too, including to figure out where to ride gigantic waves," said JPL oceanographer Ben Holt. "The skill and nerve needed to ride big waves is awe-inspiring." Wow! Now I can think about buying the board! It's great seeing them imagine being there! Next lifetime...


Just Be Real said...

Man, I have trouble just tredding water in my bathtub. Thanks for sharing!

Ana said...

I love the ocean. But I cannot surf.
Thank you for the visit!