Monday, March 30

Bill Viola - The Crossing

I've just found this at Studio Foundation. Bill Viola's "'The Crossing' [detail] (1996). Video/sound installation". Bill Viola has been working with videos and dealing with philosophical and religious concepts that has to do with human experiences. You can find more of his views at his site. It's amazing that so many artists are doing incredible work but the public and some critics are always complaining that art is not in accordance with humans issues and there is too many garbage being done. That's a question for those who are curators of big events and small galleries. This is what Tung Nguyen has to say about this work:
"On the right, the same figure was disappearing into pouring water. The concept of balance is presented through opposite concepts that each alone is an extreme that can only be balanced by one of the other extreme. Left - right, fire - water, red - blue, warm - cool, hot - cold, bottom - top, and so on. The viewer can even sense the artist's desire for moderation, for compromise, and the message that the extremes are what harming us (burnt by fire or washed away by water) and we need a common ground to survive."

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