Saturday, March 28

Black and White

I found it Here by Kiran


Mike Golch said...

I like the mulit-coloted cat's cradle.

Ana said...

I also like it.

Cathy said...

Ah very nice. I see you appreciate Fire Rainbows too, my brother took that picture isn't it amazing? He said it lasted a whole hour! This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing to see. How's that yoga?

upside down rain said...

ana. thanks for liking my pic. it was bryant park jan 19th 2009. snowing.
thank you again. liz.
i really enjoy your blogs. they are beutiful.

Ana said...

Yes. It's that photo. I've put the credit to you on a post at my other blog.
It is Hatha Yoga. I like it very much but don't practice very often.
I'll try to start it next Monday. :)
Thank you for the visit.

Upside down rain,
I really like it and now I knw where does it means.
Thank you!

Tor Hershman said...

Quite nice, indeed.

Ana said...

Moi think it's nice aussi.

Just Be Real said...

Ana, Thanks for the link. That is a cool picture and meaning. I remember doing many of those things you can create with string, like the cats in the craddle and jacobs ladder and a tea cup. Oh the days of youth.

Ana, also thank you for your encouraging posts you left me. Means a lot. Blessings dear one.

Ana said...

I also remember doing cats in cradles when I was young.
I hope you keep on writing.
Be at peace,