Friday, March 27

The masterpiece cards - Art Blog by Bob

Bob at Art Blog by Bob, an excellent blog about Arts, just wrote about "The Masterpiece Cards" a collection of 250 cards of artists from Renascence to 1960. There is only one example of a card at the site and it was at Bob's site that I became aware of the back side of one of these cards showing the historical approach and some aesthetic considerations. It's good to have the paper at your hand and you can browse your eyes at the picture they have gathered according to "art review of each by scores of renowned art historians". Reading the list of pieces they have chosen from each artist don't causes many impression but as it's a collection of masterpieces paintings such as Vélasquez, Las Meninas ; Munch, The scream; Manet, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère & Olympia; da Vinci, The Last Supper & The Mona Lisa; Dalí, The Persistence of Memory; van Gogh, Bedroom at Arles, The Starry Night & The Night Café are inevitable. This is a good start to make people familiar with the masterpieces and make people wanting to know more about some artists they will find more interesting. If you think of Leonardo da Vinci and only consider one of his paintings you will have one da Vinci that will change after the apreciation of some of his works. I believe it can be considered as another tool for those who are art lovers but books are valuable source and the Web can help every individual creating its own master-piece collections. We are talking about reproductions. There is a kind of "market" for reproductions. Those who are at X or Y museum are more displayed and those who have been studied by a number of experts has also its place at this market. I would like masterpiece cards of paintings and sculptures that are at the basement of museums or taken away from public view because they are at private collections. It would require lots of money. But we cannot stop daring to dream. This is a good way to have access to art's history. I hope that their next step is making collections of one single artist at a time because it’s a good way to understand each artist and their arts, world and aesthetic in a more complex way. Since we still cannot travel in space and time at light speed we have to rely on reproductions although nothing compares to the experience of being on an exhibition dedicated to an artist. It's the most efficient and pleasuring way to understand the art and universe of an artist we like. Visit Bob's blog. This is a great source for art lovers. I'm visiting it daily.


susan benford said...

i'm right there with you in wishing there could be Masterpiece Cards by individual artist and of all the art squirreled away in museum basements.

but here are (some) of the obstacles: one has to pay for image rights for each painting, and copyright permission for more recent works. Then, those rights are ONLY for a particular medium, like print or web (this is why i've limited the sample Masterpiece Cards on line - $$$).

but let's keep trying to make art history more integrated into daily life! art blog by bob is a fabulous start.

if you send me your snail mail address (info at, i'll send you sample Masterpiece Cards -- please do!


Ana said...

Thank you Susan!
I know about the difficulties. I was married to an artist and I myself have made some little stuff.
That's why I said that it costs lots of money. When I visited the Louvre I was amazed by the way some paintings were hidden from publics view just by placing them in sites they were fully seen.
I believe they have changed all this.
I also wish that more people could integrate art on their life.
I'm trying to do it at this blog putting other aesthetics experiences and works of creative people who are not artists.
Bob's blog is great!
I would like to receive the samples but I'm Brazilian.
It's a lot of trouble.
Thank you.