Sunday, November 1

My first Halloween

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"Now I got a glimpse of what Halloween is. I remember when I was a child people talking about the "day of witches" as it was translated into Portuguese and now I know that it's not a good translation because I learned the historical facts. I never thought I could be side by side with Americans on November, 31 and there I was parting with them and learning what they do with all these pumpkins when the party is over, that skulls, skeletons, graveyards, zombies, ghosts and many other things are involved in the party. I had a great Halloween! My first Halloween." Photo taken at Cypris Village at Second Life at the Haunted House created by students that are at this group.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween, in the happy, silly spirit it was intended. Sounds like a great first Halloween.

Ana said...

It was!