Wednesday, November 11

Monet's house at Giverny

When I joined Second Life I went to Monet's house at Giverny and wrote this post about the place. I went there again a while ago and unfortunately didn't take pictures of the Mary Cassat's exhibition that was there. Now I'm taking pictures of the few art that is still there because the place is getting bigger but art is disappearing. At the first photo, top-left, they added "weddings, furnishing and gifts" at "Chez - Monet". Next photo is a place for music and I took this Bach's picture at my back from outside the window because the others are pictures of the owner. I also sat in front of a Van Gogh's painting and stood up in front of Toulouse Lautrec's drawings. The last photo is of a new garden that was build. I can no longer see any connection to Monet and the impressionists when I visit this place. (click the pictures to enlarge)


Sandee said...

I don't know very much about art, but Monet is my favorite of all the artists.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

You have a favourite. This is great!