Saturday, November 28

Andy Warhol's shoes

Yes, Andy Warhol also used shoes as a theme like we saw two post below Van Gogh's shoes and boots. This is the series "A la recherche du shoe perdu", title inspired by Marcel Proust's oeuvre "In Search of Lost Time - A la Recherche du temps perdu", Andy Warhol did in 1955 with captions by Ralph Pomeroy. Prior to this he had already used shoes as theme passing around his friends to promote himself and at this series he depicts shoes in a very glamorous and magical way. In 1980-1 he publishes the series "Diamond Dust Shoes" using diamond dusts in his printings. Today is Saturday. Put on your red shoes and dance! Dancing is very Warhol since he said that he did nothing but going to parties. “I am a deeply superficial person.” "An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have." "During the 1960s, I think, people forgot what emotions were supposed to be. And I don't think they've ever remembered."


Sandee said...

Not a big fan of Andy. He did just go to parties it seemed. He was right about being superficial. That was my take on him too. Oh well, it was fun for him I suppose.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

Lauren said...

He was a celebrity but also an artist.The celebrity status came after his first major silk screens. I met him several times and he was definitely caught in his star power then

Ana said...

Thank you Lauren!
I'm missing you. I have to take a break from the computer because I'm having back problems.
I'll see you next Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

to me owning ones faults or superficial sides is revolutionary : ) so i am a fan of his artistic side...

Ana said...

Yes, deeply superficial rocks!