Wednesday, November 4

Browne, my first dog

He came to me when he was two months years-old so he did all a kiddo do at this age and I didn't know how to teach him. Chewed all he could, destroyed some of the things I like and it took me just five minutes to I forgive him. He is not with me anymore not because of that and I don't want to tell the story but I have my little female for nine years and a half. She's there trying to hide her feelings of having me sat at this computer without giving the attention she deserves. I fell guilty and put a chair next to me so that she can be beside me. She prefers the floor.


Sandee said...

We have a dog named Little Bit. She's been such a joy to the both of us. Can't imagine life without her.

Have a terrific day Ana. Biggest hug ever just because I think you need one. :)

Ana said...

How sweet of you!
Thank you. Consider yourself hugged back.