Monday, November 2

Selavy Oh - Irregularity

Yesterday I had the fortune to meet Selavy after the removal of "Irregularity" from an exhibition that has ended. I was amazed, as always when I see and experience her works, and took pictures. You have to click on them to see it clearly and you will have an idea of what is being at the structure. This is an explanation of the work by the artist: Irregularity by Selavy oh
"Irregularity' consist of 1872 identical poles. The poles are arranged so that they form edges of a three-dimensional regular grid of 2.5x2.5 cubes. By omitting cubes and edges, the remaining poles, still organized in a regular grid, form a hollow sphere. thus, constructing the sphere can be conceived as removing those parts of the grid which do not contribute to the shape, like a sculptor carving wood. Initially, the structure is completely symmetric and regular, but becomes more and more irregular over time. Each visitor actively participates in this transformation: when avatars fly through the structure and collide with it, the edges touched fall down and the structure temporarily becomes damaged. After a certain time, which depends on how many visitors are present, the edges will start to rise and slowly move back towards their original position. however, they never end up in exact the same position, thus resulting in an accumulative disarrangement of the structure." sounds: samples of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate (performed by Kurt Schwitters, original recording May 5, 1932)
You listen to Kurt Schwitters's "Ursonate" while moving through the structure. I will talk about this artist and who is the artist Selavy took his name - I believe many of you know him. At the last picture, bottom-right, the avatar is Selavy who is also at the two previous pictures.

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