Wednesday, November 4

Pirats Art Nework - Vernissages's slide show

Find more photos like this on Pirats Art Network I take many pictures whenever I go to a Pirat's vernissage. These are the last six I took but I will be updating it later. It's funny because I go to vernissages in real life and it's not that different in second life. For the moment take a look at these photos. Click at "i" to view the title of the photo and visit the site to see the amazing database of photos they have. I did a post about Les Pirats here. Update: I just put more six photos. I try to show the work by taking pictures of my avatar next to the piece or experiencing it trying to show the dimensions and some characteristics of the work. Some of the them are done inside Second Life and others are done in real life and uploaded. I hope you can have at least an idea of art that the Pirats promote.


Sandee said...

They are all most beautiful. Most beautiful.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ana said...


Merlina Rokocoko said...

Oooh Comme c'est jooooooli :-)

Ana said...

Mais Oui Merlina!
Comme c'est jooooli!
Oh! Comme c'est joli!