Thursday, November 26

My first Thanksgiving

I had a glimpse of what thanksgiving means for Americans at Cypris Village. I published this video with some pictures of the lesson.
I learned the history and also what are the feelings of these Americans tutors that live in Japan, Korea and US.
It made me more close to what Thanksgiving really is. No sound this time because I thought about saying something but I am a little shy to publish my voice. Maybe it will be possible one day or maybe I will add a music. Thank you all at Cypris that made it possible.


Sandee said...

That was lovely Ana. Thanks for learning a bit about Thanksgiving.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Ana said...


당마 said...

I'm Ann.... Wow. You were Artist! Ana! Impressive!! this is my one.

Ana said...

I visited you site but didn't understand.
Don't even know how to comment because it seems we have to join the community.
Thank you!
Very kind of you.