Tuesday, November 24

Having fun with Judith Leyster's "Self-portrait"

I took this from this site and you can do this appreciation there where it is complete. There are "exercises" from other painters like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Vermeer at NGA Classroom: Online Resources for Teachers and Students and it is really good and funny to what they are doing. Have fun!

How do you see Judith Leyster from looking carefully at her self-portrait?

Read her bio, examine every bit of the painting, and then, using your mouse, select the adjectives that best describe her.

Shy Poor Inexperienced
Skilled Rich Self-confident
Educated Artistic Tattered
Musical Modern Successful
Happy Clever Well-dressed
Untrained Proud Outspoken


Sandee said...

I think she's everything positive. That's what I think.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

The site has more informations.
It is a very good place to be in touch with some aspects of the paintings they have.