Saturday, August 21

Allegra Lockstadt's simplicity

I never understood why drawings are not considered as important as paintings. I came across with the left drawing by Allegra Lockstadt at the blog Minutiae and I loved it. It takes a lot of work to achieve simplicity and it is amazing how many stories are told in this drawing since it's not precise who are the protagonists embracing each other. I tried to find more of her works but they are dispersed in many sites. I got the right one at this page. A touch of colour to stress subtle and powerful lines.


DB said...

Drawing has always been important to me. I did nothing but draw for the first year and a half before i ever touched a paint brush.

Thank you for these.

Missy said...

Those are some interesting drawings...

Ana said...

Thank you DB and Missy.
I'm glad you liked it.