Wednesday, August 18

Introducing Led Zeppelin

As I already declared here that I'm a fan I will share this video where 40 years ago Robert Plant, not yet with the unbuttoned shirt and the certainty he will show in the future, introduces the band. Two minutes and you will understand why young people today are rediscovering Led Zeppelin. It is a combination of four great musicians that complete each other something rare now. I especially dedicate this post to Bob Fiddaman.


BOB FIDDAMAN [Fiddy] said...

Thanks Ana :-)

Did you know Rob Plant has a new album out?


Ana said...

I heard about it but he is only Robert Plant.
I like the four together with a dose of fascination for the bass.
John Paul Jones didn't receive the recognition he deserves.
He kept working after the band was over.
I pay close attention to him and the drums. John Bonham was also amazing!