Monday, August 2

Jukka Veistola posters about Toulouse-Lautrec and UNICEF's hunger campaign

The Finish graphic designer Jukka Veistola is considered one of the best of our times and has received many awards.
The right work was awarded the First Prize in International Competition for Design of a poster for Unicef Childrens' Aid, Paris, in 1969.

It is really a very appealing work but unfortunately 41 years after there are more children in hunger and starvation. It must make the work of graphic designers very hard because I believe that while creating the posters all participants wanted to make a difference.

In 2001 Jukka Veistola did the left poster for the Nouveau Salon des Cent for the centenary of Toulouse-Lautrec's death. A portfolio of one hundred posters created by graphic designers of twenty-four countries has been exhibited all over the world. You can watch the posters of the others participants here.

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