Thursday, August 12

Anna Politkovskaya an homage and seven great women

This is not the first time I publish about Anna Politikovskaya. August, 30 would be her birthday and... I don't think I have to explain. I took pictures at my virtual garden in front of the fence where I hanged some posters. At the left side is Vanessa Redgrave in the movie Julia. We are talking about five great women since Lilian Hellman, who wrote the book that was adapted for the movie, has Jane Fonda as Lilian .
Now I'm remembering Natasha Richardson Vanessa's Redgrave daughter who did the movie Nell with Jodie Foster. The only man is Rimbaud who is designed in white graffiti at the fence. R.I.P. Anna Politkovskaya R.I.P. Natasha Richardson
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