Monday, August 9

England in postcards - Joe Cornish photos 1985

I bought this postcard in 1985 and when I was at the post-office to send it I don't know why after putting the stamp, the image of the queen, I looked at the image and didn't send it.
Funny because I have already searched the Web and cannot find it so I decided to scan it.
It keeps puzzling me. Putting at the same level a punk and a guard just because the hair, or the hat, are vertical is interesting and at the same time it makes no sense for me. The photos are by Joe Cornish but I don't know if it was him who did the postcard because the copyright is WPL - Whiteway Publications Ltda - the company that published it. It is still here sign, sealed and not delivered.


sophie said...

this is hella cool

Ana said...

Yes! I like it too. :)
Nice pictures you have.