Wednesday, August 25

Dolphins in Crete: Now and Then

The ruins of Knossos palace, ancient Greece, were discovered in 1878 and among other frescoes there are these dolphins. The video was done in 2007.


Clueless said...

I know that this has nothing to do with Greece, but this post reminded me of this video from 1981.

Ana said...

Do you have the video? I would like to know more CC.
I think it's great that it makes you remind of something that is not related to Greece.
This is what is blog is all about: trying to get in touch with nice things.

Clueless said...

In my reply, I included a YouTube link, but it looks like it didn't print. The song is called The Promise by Olivia Newton-John. I only have the VHS...remember it was 1981. This is another link that I found.

These are the lyrics:

See them play in the moonlight
Watch them dance in the sun
They're the children of freedom - everyone
As they care for each other
With no question or cause
They deserve to be treasured as a source of love

In their minds there are answers
And in time we will know
What the truth is about all we don't know
They have no room for hatred
Though they've suffered much pain
From the race we call human - who are afraid of love

If I can only help to right a wrong
With my dolphin song
Then I'll have done what I set out to do
If I can only make one man aware
One person care
Then I'll have done what I promised you

Let us hope it's not too late
And that we can amend
All the pain we have suffered on a friend
We were born with our freedom
Oh we were born with the truth
Then why do we abuse it
We could choose - to love, to love

Ana said...

I'm watching the video. It give us peace the way they look, it seems they are smiling, and the movements.
Very beautiful under the see.
I just wish it was not Olivia N John.
I don't know why she doesn't speak to my heart.
But I loved watching this video.
Thank you CC!

Clueless said...

I'm glad that you like the song, but bummer on ONJ. I am a HUGE fan. I won't hold it against you and hope vice-versa. :-)

Ana said...

Now I will listen to her with second thoughts...
Give me one month, :)