Sunday, August 22

British Library Online Gallery - Images and e-books extravaganza

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Artist painting (Miniature only) Artist painting with nude models / Image taken from Roman de la Rose./ Originally published/produced in S. Netherlands (Bruges), circa 1490-1500.
Author: Lorris, Guillaume de; Meun, Jean de Illustrator: Master of the Prayerbooks of circa 1500 Shelfmark/Page: Harley 4425, f.142 Language: French
I just registered at the British Library. I heard a little of Alice in Wonderlands and searched for images. I felt like sharing this one because it was during Renascence that painters started to sign their work and be recognized as artists like we know today so for the first time an artist could depict himself in a painting.
I will go back to the library. :)


Missy said...

Thatz cool.. I never knew they didn't always sign their names.


Ana said...

During middle age there were only craftsman what worked specialty for the church and they didn't consider who did the work important.