Saturday, March 23

American citizens medal: doing the job of the government

US citizens can nominate an American hero till March 2013.

"Last year, people like you nominated over six thousand Americans from across the country and staff at the White House reviewed every single submission. Here are just a few examples:

Mary Jo Copeland has offered a safety net for Minneapolis families since 1985 -- offering food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance to the needy.
Adam Burke, an Iraq combat veteran, runs "Veterans Farm," a 19-acre, handicap-accessible farm that helps returning veterans.
Janice Jackson founded a Baltimore nonprofit to serve women with varying degrees of disabilities."
Source: here.

All these 2012 American heroes are working to promote health what is strange since according to the American constitution health care is a right.
But we know how health is being neglected in America and in numerous countries.
Americans, nominate your heroes!

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