Saturday, March 23

Blogspot urges bloggers not to use their crazy captcha

It is quite surreal. I wrote a post about how absurd Blogger's captcha has become. Instead of changing Blogger is asking us not to use captcha at their blog The Real Blogger Status. They wrote a post claiming that Blogger's captcha is a puzzle that can lead the commenter frustrated after trying more than twice to find the right letters.

They wrote as if it is a novelty to bloggers and even encourages us to comment in our own blog as a guess:
"Then ask yourself how many of your readers will have the patience, to solve a CAPTCHA, every time they wish to publish a comment?"
Am I going crazy here? They did the changes and .instead of making it easier they ask us not to use it and even suggests that captcha is not necessary.

I don't understand why Blogger change things for worse. When I started blogging it was easy and we had to write a single word. They "improved" for the actual version.
They also "improved" putting Settings/Template/Layout and other stuffs all together making it harder for us to find how to change. Sometimes I have to google where is the item I want to change.

Well, maybe it costs money or a lot of work to change captcha like "4 + __= 6".
Ken Foster left this comment at the post I wrote about this issue:

Ken Foster said...
Hey Ana,

I hate those things - they're maddening!. A couple of years ago my whole blog was hacked/packed with Chinese advertisements so I have kept that option ticked. Is this still an issue? Is there a good workaround? I'm guessing not because I see I have to go through the same to post on your blog. Oh, and since when 1176 argalgD a word? ;)

BTW, thanks for the comments you did make!! :)

September 19, 2012 at 5:20

I have already had people complaining about it. I don't know what to do because I need captcha and moderation,
I'l talk to friends to see what they think about it.
And, of course, leave you comment. (Grrrrrrrr....)


I deactivated the captcha one hour ago. I had to delete. I'll leave it like this for 24 hours and count them.
This is the problem. I'll have to take a look at each comment to check of it is from a human being or a bot.
Me: "Do you understand the problem Blogger? The consequences of following your advice of not using captcha?"

Blogger: "Of course I do but I don't care."
When we leave a comment a their blog they don't publish it. Why don't they deactivate comments?
Maybe it's because they don't have captcha activated and it would take a lot of time to screen.


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Yes, sometimes it is very frustrating trying to figure out what captcha is saying and it can take many tries to get it right.
I have been a few blogs now that use the maths technique where you just add up simple numbers. That seems like a better option.
Well, I hope they figure another way because sometimes I must admit that I have had to given up on commenting on people's blog after several tries.

Ana said...

Yes RumPunch... I'll turn it off for a while.

I also have given up.
Thank you!

Ana said...

Yes RumPunch... I'll turn it off for a while.

I also have given up.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

There should be a level on the captcha. For example level (1) easy with the 4+?=6 then going up in difficulty.

Mark p.s.2 said...

Anonymous commenting does not work. I just tried it. I wrote there should be different difficulty levels of captcha. Easy to hard.

Ana said...

It is working. The Anonymous comment is there,