Sunday, March 10

Brazilian singer and thinker Caetano Veloso knows nothing about US fascist dictatorship

I tried leaving a message on Caetano Veloso's blog but we click 'comment' and there is no place to write
anything. I have to tell Caetano something in Portuguese: "Você não está entendendo nada. NADA" Now I think he can have an idea of the seriousness of it all.

Caetano Veloso,singer, composer, thinker,activist and much more, is always fighting fascism but he does not know anything about what is going on in America;
He talks about Braziilian dictatorship, he had to leave the country for some years  he talks about  Stalin and many things but strangely enough nothing about what is going on in America.

This is the first post I write to try to catch attention of Brazilian intellectuals, artists... - those who have a voice - about what is happening in America.
As I said in the post below we have to raise awareness.
US was the home of Nazism and know very well how to brutalize people.
I hope Caetano receives this memo.

Unfortunately it seems that Caetano is following Bob Dylan steps and would receive award from Obama or campaign for Amnesty International.
It's sad to see those who were once radical revolutionaries fall because they lost contact with those who
are always searching and in touch with independent media and... Jesus,