Tuesday, March 12

Born Edward Louis Severson III: who is he?

"When I was around 15 or 16... I felt all alone... I was all alone—except for music."

"A little love song I wrote on my surf board." (after singing "Oceans")

"I don't need drugs to make my life tragic."

"Do you force your kids to pay attention to what's going on, or do you let them live their lives outside of it? My hope is that my child is a strong activist. That would make me most proud."

"I think celebrities suck."

He is like many people I knew in my twenties and we have in common feeling a stranger at parent's home.
It is all gone .....!


Eva said...

Manifesting the genius don't come easy. It may appear so to onlookers, though. Each of us must carry our own torch, and never give up on our deepest scent of truth. One day, we'll crack that eggshell. Be you Eddie Vedder or any other soul :-)

Ana said...