Thursday, March 14

Bankrupted after watching Dr Oz for six months and medical research is false

I don't know what to do now. I got so excited that bought everything Dr. Oz has advertised in his show.
As you can see at the picture above Dr Oz help us to get skinny which is very important for our health. The skinnier the healthier.

Anyway... My medicine cabinet is full of supplements with all those capsules Dr Oz promote and other treatments.

I also bought all the food he claims that is good for our healthy. I gained a little weight but I'll follow the diet at Dr. Oz' site
I don't understand why some physicians claims that Dr Oz has no scientific proof of some of his theories because it is known that medicine is a fake science and that  "Studies prove most medical research is false".
"Marcia Ansell, Harvard Medical lecturer and previous editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, has cast wood on the fire. Several of her articles including "Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research: A Broken System," published in the Journal of American Medicine, and "Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption," published in The New York Review of Books, tell a story that sounds like a fiction thriller filled with conspiracy, lies, and evil. Ansell contends that because of the corruption, greed, and significant kickbacks to physicians with prescribing rights, "Children as young as two years old are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.... 
No one knows the total amount provided by drug companies to physicians, but I estimate from the annual reports of the top nine U.S. drug companies that it comes to tens of billions of dollars a year. By such means, the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products. Its extensive ties to physicians, particularly senior faculty at prestigious medical schools, affect the results of research, the way medicine is practiced, and even the definition of what constitutes a disease."" (emphasis added)

My problem is that I bankrupted after watching  Dr. Oz for six months.  Now I think that I might not watch the show for  a while because I'll crave to buy all those great foods, capsules... Life is hard!


Mark p.s.2 said...

its all about the money, the opposite of that pop song about making the world sing.

Mark p.s.2 said...
pop song

Ana said...

I did add this music to a collection.
I don't know this singer.
Thank you!!