Saturday, March 30

Where you ever asked about the flavor of toothpastes?

I always asked myself why all toothpastes had this mint flavor that I hate so much.

I decided to buy the children's toothpastes strawberry's  flavor. We only have these two choices but I did a quick search and found out that
the industry has launched numerous flavors.

Porch flavor? No thanks. Don't they do a research before creating these things?
If so they might not have sarcasm detector because if I was asked I would come up with something like: "I would love a toothpaste that tasted like my favorite meal: beans and rice."

I just want tasteless and colorless toothpaste. The industries really think we need our senses to be activated to buy anything. The amount of artificial tastes and colors that they add to their products is astonishing. It makes the opposite effect on me. I don't buy jello because I hate those colors. They are artificial, too artificial. But now we'll have to bare processed food and vegetables genetically modified. We are far from being "pure race" and it is amazing that some people still fight and kill human beings because they are not "pure".

Haven't they received the memo?
And please, is it possible to take the fluoride from the toothpaste? Thank you!

P.S.: I would love to have my soap transparent or any color they really are. Is that too much to ask?

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