Friday, March 22

Brazilian Propaganda manipulation: middle class= income of US$ 145.53

I have met and read numerous data about Brazil  that are not real.
Brazilian government has been doing a dirty propaganda full of lies, manipulation of data and fictitious stories. Not different from, maybe... your country?

Anyway... The phenomenon of the "New middle class" is even laughable.
This is the definition the government gives for the "new middle class":

middle class: defined as those with a monthly per capita income from R$291.00/US$ 145,00 up to R$ 1,019.00/ US$ 509.6

If you are confused we Brazilians are appalled. The minimum wage is R$ 678/US$ 339.07.
So a person that is payed less the minimum wage is considered middle class.

Can you live with US$ 145,00 a month? It doesn't pay the food. Maybe the breakfast and part of the lunch.
Middle class people like buying nice jeans. For less than R$130,00/US$ 65.01 there is not a good brand.   A real good brand costs more than R$ 200,00/US$ 100.02.
I'm ashamed of what these people are doing in this country.

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