Sunday, May 26

Aww! Puppy's activities are so funny!

But... NO! is the word s/he has to be told if you want your dog to behave and prevent the destruction of your furniture, carpet, shoes, and so on.

It's heartbreaking but it has to be done for his own sake and for a peaceful environment.

My puppy is finally giving up biting my hands, feet and some objects. He seems to know what are his toys and when he gets something he runs to a hidden place or the area he plays with his toys. I laugh inside but... "NO! Drop it"..  he drops.

I had a three months dog once but I didn't know how to teach him so the doctor who gave him to me asked me if I wanted to have the dog that was at his clinic. I accepted. It was like winning a prize for she is a real lady and very healthy for a dog that is 15 years-old and was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. I don't have any funny stories to tell because she does everything right.

Picture: I came across with this site and I don't know what came into me that I got Waldek Dabrowski's picture, runned to this editor and... it appeared here. I hope he doesn't come after me: "NO!"


Emmanuel Uwabor said...

Interesting....I'm 25, I never had a dog.
I want one, and this makes it more interesting looking forward

Ana said...

You'll have to be very patient because it is not easy to teach these little fellas. lol

Sometimes, just now, I thought that it will be impossible and he'll never learn.

I'll have to have a space only for him because he keeps following me and my older dog wherever we go and wants to bite my feet... Grrr...


I just had a crisis and started crying because I got home and things were upside down.

He has to be on his own place while I'm out and not able to teach him.