Thursday, May 30

Okiage dolls

There are some amazing pictures at  Kimonoboy's blog.
He explains:

"The Japanese word Okiage is divided into two parts: 1. oki, placing something and 2. age, building up or layering.

Okiage dolls were created by covering a thick layer of paper, which had been cut into the shape of a historic or legendary figure, with cotton padding then overlaying the design with brightly colored silk fabrics. The last step was for the craftsman to hand paint the doll's face in lovely detail. The end result was the finished upright Okiage doll representing a vibrant and dramatis personae, dressed in colorful high-quality silk fabrics with a three-dimensional appearance." (keep reading)

The picture is from Four Seasons in Japan: "Padded pictures of hina dolls, kabuki actors and characters from fairy tales used to be made in Mizusawa.

I wish I could see them because the pictures doesn't show the details.

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