Friday, May 24

Obama speech interrupted by Medea Benjamin: she raised all the real issues...

... while Obama talked about nothing. The president has become a kind of spoke person.but Obama lacks the skills. He should take lessons with Ari Fleischer who was capable of letting you know that you were going on a trip to hell in such a way that you would believe you were taking a cruise to Caribbean islands.

The heckler is Medea Benjamin founder of of the antiwar group Code Pink:

Medea Benjamin: "Can you tell the Muslims people that their lives are as precious as our lives?"
Medea Benjamin: "Can you take the drones out of the hands of the CIA?"
Medea Benjamin: "Can you stop the signature strikes that are killing people on the basis of suspicious activities?"
Obama (cynically): "We're addressing that ma'dam."
Medea Benjamin: "Will you apologize to the thousand of Muslims that you have killed?"
Medea Benjamin: "Will you compensate the innocent family victims?"

Take a look at Obama's expressions while Medea Benjamin keep asking. cynicism is the word that describes it.

Watch the video and notice how Obama treats Medea Benjamin: as if she was a "young lady" - he used this expression - that don't deserve to be listened even when he claims the opposite.
And the clap people all part of show , are there to help silence any voice.
I wonder if real people where there. I would like to count the boos.

He prepared himself to read this speech written by another person and the young lady want to spoil it all?
Poor president! People don't show respect for authorities. (this is sarcasm, always better to highlight)
They only have the prepared speech full of rhetorical tactics, lies and that says nothing other than declare that they are on power and will keep doing whatever they want whether people like it or not.

When someone appears speaking from the heart and raising the real issues... they don't know how to deal with the situation because they don't want any dialog with people.

Medea Benjamin

Next time bring the crowd to help Medea! I only fear the number of arrests.

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