Thursday, May 16

Thin is out, skinny is in: Is there space for curves in the fashion world?

Reigniting the discussion is worthless.
I just don't understand why do these people that work in the fashion world are that powerful that impose one and only one possibility of
beauty: being skin and bones.
Finding clothes above a certain size is impossible.

We were obsessed with being thin but now it is not enough. Models  have died because of anorexia - a imposed disease that has nothing to do with the real one - women suffers dismenorreia and numerous problems. Many have cocaine so that they can have "energy" to work.
According to some specialists our brain is made of 2/3 of fat.
It is already part of collective conscience that thin is the only possible way and even architecture and designs are projected for thin people.

People are eager to starve to be skinny or are  encouraged to follow a diet that miraculously will make them lose a huge amount of weight in two, three, five days...

We all know these arguments. I've been waiting for a change since... ever. When will models and top models will show a beautiful and healthy body?

It affects teenagers and most people feel bad about their bodies even when they are thin.

And I'm sorry! Skinny is ugly. Men and women. But this is me.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I know being too thin reminds me of malnutrition like in concentration camps of WW2. You can not look after yourself or your family if you are not consuming calories/food.

Ana said...

Yes. They are starving.
Some die.
Too sad.