Friday, May 17

Millenium Bookball by George W. Hart

This is the first design done by George W. Hart, a mathematical sculptor designer, for the sculpture
 "Millennium Bookball". I loved the sculpture but I feel like doing this paper design.

I'll have to understand George's explanations about geometric forms. Wish me luck!

"In my sculpture, I seek to create forms that are enriched by an underlying mathematical depth. While viewers sometimes describe my works as spheres, I see them not as spheres, but on spheres. One would not say that oil painters traditionally paint rectangles, but they paint on rectangles. So, I see the sphere as a canvas to sculpt upon. From the design perspective, a sphere presents a significant challenge, because there is no convenient edge to the canvas. The form must meet with itself "around the back" in a coherent manner—and every side is the back."
George W. Hart

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