Wednesday, May 29

Monsanto: 2 millions protesters vs 71 US senators protection

Even Chuck Grassley the Senator who went after psychiatrists who were making millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry without reporting ? Drs Melissa P. DelBello, Charles Nemeroff, Alan F. Schatzberg and Joe Biederman were the most know (read here).

What I didn't know is that:
"According to a recent report from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), ten of the 15 Congressmen that Monsanto helped fund won their seats, including Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina and Chuck Grassley of Iowa." (here)
I just wonder what Senator Grassley eats.

On May, 25 there was the March against Monsanto and I believe you heard nothing about it. It was not at the mainstream media.
The independent media reported the event where 2 millions marched against Monsanto around the world.
This is a very good news and it is quite an encouragement to keep fighting against patented seeds that are altering the food in many ways.
"We have to keep the momentum going that we have achieved with the March Against Monsanto. Don’t let it end on May 25, 2013.  The only way to defeat Monsanto and the rest of the biotech industry is by spreading information far and wide.
We clearly cannot rely on the mainstream media to do this, as evidenced above.  So we must use social media, alternative media, and word of mouth." (read the call for action here)
I found the banner above at one social media.

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